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CORDOBOND® Industrial Repair Kit

The CORDOBOND Industrial Repair Kit was put together to provide the most repair flexibility possible in an industrial setting. The kit includes at least one unit of each of the CORDOBOND repair line's products in addition to several different types of reinforcement material. Prep and finishing tools are included to complete this all inclusive kit.

Physical Properties

For specific properties on the individual CORDOBOND products within the CORDOBOND Industrial Kit please see specific product webpages linked below.


The CORDOBOND Industrial Kit will bond to most surfaces including steel, plastics, wood and ceramics. In most cases the standard resin and filler is used in combination with the reinforcement material (included) for repairs needing additional dimensional strength and stability. The reinforcement fiberglass may or may not be used with the Sealer, Red Putty, Steel Putty, or Leveling Compound since these products already contain reinforcement material formulated into them. The Red and Steel Putty can be used in moldable type applications where further machining of the repair is required upon cure of the putty.

General Patching Conditions

The adhesion of a CORDOBOND Industrial Repair Kit depend upon the condition of the surface of the substrate with which it is in direct contact. Because of this, clean all surfaces thoroughly, removing all paint, grease, dirt, and surface contaminates that may impede the bond between the repair and the surface being worked on. A piece of sand paper is conveniently included in the kit to aid in this process. Upon catalyzation, use the included stirring sticks to make sure the activator is thoroughly mixed into the resin. The standard Resin and Activator is generally applied via a paintbrush (included) while the remaining products are more conveniently applied with the stirring sticks or putty knife.

Kit Contents:

  • 1 - Leveling Compound
  • Fiberglass Tape, Fiberglass Cloth, Contour Cloth
  • Brushes, sandpaper, shears, and gloves
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